<p>Thrilling penguin information! Chile is killing an iron mine that may hurt the waddly birds.</p>

Photo by farenheit75/Flickr.

Ah, Chile. While not sometimes high of thoughts for the common American, the unassuming coastal strip has quietly grow to be a form of … yang to our yin. The delicate floral sucking candy to our taste-bud-annihilating chocolate-caramel-peanut butter-sour-red-hot mouth bomb.

And, more and more, they’re the #RESIST window sticker to America’s MAGA hat.

While the Trump administration rolls back LGBTQ protections, Chile’s president is touting a marriage equality bill. While dozens of U.S. states try to manage out as many Planned Parenthood clinics because the legislation will permit, Chilean lawmakers lately relaxed the nation’s abortion ban, which was one of many world’s strictest (although their new legislation carves out a number of exceptions, the process continues to be largely banned in Chile, however nonetheless — progress!).

Now, the thin South American nation is as soon as once more enjoying the U.S.’s bizarro world doppelganger — by siding with a bunch of penguins in a dispute with a mining firm.

Photo by Martin Bernetti/Getty Images.

According to an AFP report, Chile lately killed a $2.5-billion iron-mining challenge to avoid wasting the well being (and, probably, lives) of hundreds of the waddly little birds.

The challenge was slated to be constructed simply south of three islands the place over 80% of the world’s Humboldt penguins live and would come with a port to ship iron everywhere in the world. A evaluate by 14 businesses discovered that the plan did not sufficiently assure that the animals wouldn’t be affected.

“We usually are not in opposition to financial growth or initiatives which are obligatory for the nation’s progress, however they need to supply sufficient options for the affect they are going to have,” Environment Minister Marcelo Mena advised the AFP.

That’s not simply the polar reverse of what the U.S. would do. It’s the polar reverse of what the U.S. authorities truly is doing.

Blowing up this mountain in Virginia to get on the coal beneath appears nice. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images.

In August, the Interior Department outlined a plan to prioritize oil extraction over efforts to protect the greater sage-grouse, a grassland fowl that appears just like the result of an unforgettable evening between a peacock, a porcupine, and a tarantula.

Earlier this 12 months, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, underneath President Trump, canceled an Obama-era rule designed to guard whales and sea turtles from fishing nets.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration desires to explode mountaintops so badly they’ve stopped studying whether doing so is detrimental to the health and safety of animals — and human beings — that live nearby.

It’s not simply Chile stepping up both, not less than the place safeguarding the pure world all of us share is anxious.

Just ask the 195 other countries that signed the Paris Climate Accord — which commits events to holding the Earth’s temperature rise beneath two levels Celsius — that President Trump introduced the U.S. would quickly be leaving.

It all provides as much as a fairly clear message: The remainder of the world is getting with this system, whereas the U.S. authorities is sitting right here, arms folded, hoping uncommon birds can alter to a coal mud and jagged pebble food regimen.

Photo by Martin Bernetti/Getty Images.

Want the U.S. to get again on the bandwagon? You can let your elected representatives know how you feel and assist out teams, just like the Environmental Defense Fund, which are pushing back against regulation rollback.

In the meantime, because of their associates in Chile, a couple of thousand penguins are attending to have a good time the information of a lifetime. It will not be taking place in the united statesof-A, nevertheless it’s a Hollywood ending all the identical. (Anyone know how to say “Morgan Freeman” in Spanish?)